What happened?

Well…school. I’m still here. Just slightly less bored, and slightly over registered.

In the three(ish) weeks since I’ve logged in, I’ve read roughly 12 chapters in four text books, about 35 journal articles and miscellany, and 2 lessons of French, none of which warrants much comment. So far, it’s not actually too challenging or too interesting, which may be a bad sign…but after all a semester is only 14 weeks.

My next non-required reading will be The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore, by my old SLC classmate Benjamin Hale (yay Ben!). I haven’t even cracked it yet, but given all the buzz around this book (it’s been all over the industry newsletters for the past 18 months, and now that it’s out reviews are hitting all the time) it wouldn’t me surprised if it makes some of the awards lists this year. Pretty awesome…

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