Super tiny boarding house style studio apartment, unfurnished

I’ve moved. Not entirely because I wanted to, and yet, here I am. In a $750 studio apartment in the Bay Area. Some would call it The Dream.

Studio floor plan
The floor plan. Big room = office, bedroom, dining room. Small room = kitchen. Bathroom and shower are to be found down the hall.

Room #1: Everything! Because this is a studio!

Super tiny studio apartment
The view from the door. Love the light. The view? I let you know how the naked people look.
Studio apartment closets
Stage Right. That is, look to your left. Double closets: one with doors, one without; site of future dresser and library respectively. Also, strange mystery cubes which have been painted shut. Better believe I’ll get those open.
Studio apartment
Stage left. Primary features: wall where bed lives, door to kitchen, door to closet.
Studio apartment closets
That would be the front door. Closet door to the left.

Room #2: The kitchen!

Entering the kitchen, looking to the left.
Built-in cabinets
And to the right. You can’t tell, but the fridge is smaller than average, and that built-in is HUGE.
Studio apartment medicine cabinet, above the kitchen sink.
Cute little medicine cabinet, above the kitchen sink.
Mystery valve
Strange valve coming out of the floor, exactly where I’d like to put my desk.
Kitchen shelf and hooks
Crazily tilting kitchen shelf. By the way, see that open window in the back ground; yeah, landlord says never to close that. Hmmmmm….
tiny windows
Tiny windows, wavy glass. You’ve got to love the details.

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