Hurray for California! Everyone else…sorry…

Well, the mid terms are over, and the world isn’t…yet.

In the Bay Area, everyone has been pretty much beside themselves since Sunday night. The Giants won the series, Jerry Brown is the governor, Gavin Newsom his trusty Lieutenant, Barbara Boxer has lived to wheel and deal another day, the 2006 Global Warming act will stand, and today, there is a parade.

Goodbye to Meg Whitman (for four years, at least). Goodbye too, to Carly Fiorina. Now if only we could say goodbye to Prop 8 and stabilize the budget as easily.

The rest of the map is predictably red. But it’s not as bad as you might think. Or at least, as I did think. Harry Reid hung in there, for which I am really and honestly grateful. I’d be even more grateful if he’d take this opportunity to stop throwing state money at his sons’ assorted nefarious businesses and focus–but we take what we can get. (An older man teared up on NPR this morning about how disappointed he was in Angle’s loss. Couldn’t believe it. She strikes me as the most insensitive and racist candidate in the whole country. Except maybe Jim Russell. But I guess it takes all kinds.)

In fact, no one too crazy won anything. No Sharron Angle, no Christine O’Donnell, no one wearing an SS uniform or a costume of any kind, no Carl Paladino, no John Raese. Even second tier crazy Joe Miller might not make it (M-u-r-k-o-w-s-k-i! What’s that spell?). Despite all the talk (change this, tea party that) and an admittedly significant shift in the balance of power, this election hasn’t been the insane alternate universe we all predicted, expected and in some cases, feared. It could still be okay.

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